a. Awarding body decision

The Awarding Body is provided with the anonymous peer-review report for a programme/course or institution.  The decision whether a label is granted will be taken by simple majority vote of the Awarding Body and does not need to correspond with the suggestion of the peer-review report.

If the peer-review report is not satisfactory to decide, the Awarding Body will have to send back the report for a revision via the Administrative Office. Again, the Administrative Office has to set an appropriate deadline.

  • If the decision is positive, the Awarding Body will inform the institution about the completion of the process and the Administrative Office to update the official register of institutions or programmes/courses that obtained the label. Furthermore, the Awarding Body forwards the learning report from the peer-reviewers to the organisation for further improvement.
  • If the decision is negative, the Awarding Body will inform the institution about the reasons for not awarding the label and will as well provide the learning report for possible improvements. Any institution or program/course will need to wait for about one year before a re-application will be possible and the Awarding Body has to offer advice to the organisation what would be the minimum required changes to make a reapplication reasonable. The Administration Office has to be informed about the rejection to make sure that there is no reapplication before the one year waiting period.

b. Validity of the label

After awarding, the label is valid for three years and an organisation needs to report on achievements based on the learning report and also may re-apply for certification.



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